21 Lil Harold – Turnt Feat. Young Nudy



21 Lil Harold – Turnt Feat. Young Nudy mp3 free audio download lyrics

21 Lil Harold just released a new song titled Turnt Feat. Young Nudy

Slaughter Gang has a new representative in 21 Lil Harold, an artist holding it down for 21 Savage’s cause. And while some might not be familiar with what the young rapper brings to the table, his brand new EP Keep It 21 should serve as a worthwhile introduction to what he’s about. On a surface scan, there’s something immediately alluring about a collaboration with Young Nudy, who slides through for the closing track “Turnt.”

Given the track title, “Turnt” delivers about what you’d expect — though that’s not exactly a bad thing. The instrumental is appropriately on the darker end, with Nudy kicking things off by way of an arrogant and ruthless chorus. As his verse progresses, Nudy continues maintains his reputation as the most carefree killer in the game, doing whatever he so chooses whenever he so chooses to do so. Matching his energy is Lil Harold, who closes things out with some threats of his own. “A whole hundred rounds for the cops,” he warns. “Nudy keep smoking on the opps.”

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