Alchemist – Man Of Many Hats



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Alchemist just released a new song titled Man Of Many Hats

At what point where people start giving The Alchemist his due props? Not only has the producer been putting in work for nearly thirty years in the game, but he’s recently been one of the defining minds behind the gritty boom-bap resurgence. Case in point, Alc has been a stalwart presence behind the Griselda movement, including blessing Boldy James and Conway alike with some heaters for their respective projects. Now, Alc has decided to deliver some new music of his own, sharing “Man Of Many Hats” and the extensive story behind it.

Originally meant to be part of a limited edition vinyl press sold at various European tour dates, Alc found himself at a crossroads when the tour was canceled, but the record production had already begun. “We thought about holding off and revisiting when the tour gets rescheduled, or even destroying it,” he admitted. “But finally we decided, f*ck it, we’re letting them fly. It’s a rare piece of history.” Be sure to check out both sides of “Man Of Many Hats” now, and sound off — where does Alchemist rank on the list of production greats?

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