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Conway just released a new song titled Front Lines

There isn’t a harder working collective in hip-hop than Griselda, and this weekend, both Benny and Conway left their mark on the Lil WayneFuneral (Deluxe) and Freddie Gibbs & Alchemist’s Alfredo. But Conway used the momentum to build the anticipation for his new project From King To A God.

Following a weekend of protests across the country fighting against racial injustices, Conway unleashed a brand new heater from the stash titled, “Front Lines.” Beat Butcha cooks up a grimey, atmospheric production for Conway to eat up. “All my n***as outside, they outside/ All my n***as outside, they outside/ If it’s pressure, then we gon’ slide” he raps on the hook that bridges together the parallels he draws on the first and second verse. The first verse kicks off with slick dope boy raps that draw you in before he cuts into a verse reflecting the very socio-political issues that Black people are protesting right now in response to the senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others. Though he leads in with a few shots at the response to 6ix9ine’s return home, he ties that into the overall privilege that someone like 6ix9ine, and his fanbase, has while thousands are in the streets protesting for the simple right to live.

“In the middle of the COVID pandemic, I’ve been quarantined finishing up FKTG,” Conway told Complex. “The Ahmaud situation and Breonna situation and now George Floyd has brought me so much pain and anger because I’m a black man: a father, a brother, I have 2 sons. I wanted to give you the mindset from the protesters point of view, and I was able to paint that picture perfectly over this Beat Butcha production.”

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