Disclosure – ENERGY



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Disclosure just released a new song titled ENERGY

Sometimes, a song is designed with the sole purpose of making the listener move  — through the mind or preferably the body. Such is the way Disclosure has opted to tell his tales, by letting his instrumentals take hold through layered percussion and patient build-ups. Today marks the release of his brand new single “Energy,” which arrives complete with an inventive and amusing video.

Musically, the song takes its time to hit a stride, setting the stage with a pulsating dose of island rhythm. No stranger to the process, Disclosure slowly incorporates additional elements as the song goes on, with vocal samples encouraging us to “go where we’ve never gone before.” At its most dense, “Energy” is an infectious blend of relentless drumlines, groovy synthesizers, and handily chopped vocals. For those who enjoy losing themselves to the music, Disclosure stands at the top of his class – and for those who got a kick out of this one, take solace knowing there is more where that came from on his upcoming Energy album.

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