Emis Killa & Emis Killa – Andale Feat. Westside Gunn



Emis Killa & Emis Killa – Andale Feat. Westside Gunn mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Emis Killa & Emis Killa just released a new song titled Andale Feat. Westside Gunn

Hip-hop is global. The language barriers have been broken, in a sense, with several non-English speaking countries housing thriving hip-hop scenes. Italy is no different. Hip-hop has found space to thrive since the 80s in Italy, though their influence is deeply entrenched in their migration to America. Mafia-themes have seeped so deeply into rap music that it became its own sub-genre that has recently been revived, in a way.

The Griselda clique have played a role in the renaissance of mafioso rap in recent times but Westside Gunn further solidifies this with his new collaboration with rising Italian rapper Emis Killa. Over a haunting trap instrumental hinged on UK drill 808s, Emis and Westside Gunn detail a crime-filled lifestyle with luxury taste acquired from these devious deeds.

Though it is interesting to hear Westside Gunn touch international turf, the trap production doesn’t really allow him to paint these vivid images of a decadent way of life in the way spacious, sample-based beats allow him to. Nonetheless, Westside Gunn handles business as usual.

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