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G-Eazy just released a new song titled Had Enough

G-Eazy’s new project Everything’s Strange Here drops at midnight, and ahead of its release, he’s shared one of the tracks titled “Had Enough.” On “Had Enough,” G-Eazy appears to be exploring his widely publicized breakup with Halsey, who has had less than pleasant things to say about their relationship. Among the many clues about the subject of the song, G-Eazy makes a direct reference to Halsey’s hit, “Without Me,” which she’s made clear was written about him after they split. “How could I forget about you?/You wonder how I live without you, babe,” he asks at the end of the song, before interpolating Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” as a dig at Halsey’s ego. He also references a now-infamous incident in which Halsey reacted quite negatively when someone yelled out her ex’s name while she was onstage. “You dragged my name, I don’t say sh*t/But let somebody say ‘G-Eazy,’ you go apesh*t,” he raps.

G-Eazy shared the tracklist for Everything’s Strange Here on Wednesday (June 24th), revealing that his rumoured girlfriend, Ashley Benson, will be featured on one of the songs titled “All The Things You’re Searching For” alongside Kossisko. Prior to “Had Enough,” he’d already released four of the ten tracks: “Free Porn Cheap Drugs,” “Stan By Me,” “Nostalgia Cycle,” and “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime,” which appears to have been renamed to “Everybody’s Gotta Learn.”

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