G-Eazy – VCR (The XX Cover)



G-Eazy – VCR (The XX Cover) mp3 free audio download lyrics

G-Eazy just released a new song titled VCR (The XX Cover)

G-Eazy is proving himself to be a man of distinguished taste with wide-ranging listening habits. And while some of his ardent fans may have been hoping for a quarantine-fueled binge of new hip-hop music from the Bay Area rapper, what we’ve received in reality is far more unexpected. Aside from the typically on-brand “Moana,” G-Eazy has been steadily building up his cover repertoire, drawing from some great bands and artists for inspiration.

Now, following covers from The Beatles, Radiohead, and more, G-Eazy has come through to honor the work of another legend: Bob Dylan. While G-Eazy’s cadence is hardly similar to the Pulitzer Prize winner’s iconic voice, he makes the best of what he’s got. Once again, his chosen arrangement is decidedly contemporary — while still retaining some of the original’s spirit. For those who don’t appreciate G-Eazy’s forays into the wide world beyond hip-hop, this one is unlikely to make the playlist. Yet for those who can admire his willingness to experiment, give this one a chance — if only to hold it down for big Bob.

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