Hopsin – Kumbaya



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Hopsin just released a new song titled Kumbaya

No matter what subject matter Hopsin appears to be covering, it seems as if the dexterous bar-spitter is always having fun with his craft. Following the release of his outlandish single “COVID Mansion,” Hop has officially returned to the fold with another new drop, this time opting to repurpose a campfire classic with “Kumbaya.” Off the top, Hopsin warms up with a simmering flow scheme, building up his own intensity to mirror the explosive and typically dark instrumental.

“Yikes, quite preposterous, white kids soaking up the hype up off it” he spits. “Hi I’m Hopsin, I’m obnoxious, I’ve been tokin’ like the guy from Boston, watch me rise to top ten.” Say what you will about the man, but he’s deadly when it comes to seeking and destroying new pockets over instrumentals. Throw in a little bit of humor — who else would declare themselves to be “still nuts like Robocops’ scrotum — and it’s hard to deny that Hopsin has been firing on all cylinders these days. Check out “Kumbaya” for yourself, complete with some neat visuals, and sound off in the comments: is now the time for Hopsin to drop off a new album?

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