J. COLE – SNOW ON THA BLUFF mp3 free audio download lyrics.

J. COLE just released a new song titled SNOW ON THA BLUFF

The last time we heard anything new from J. Cole was in September of 2020 was when he appeared on Gang Starr’s ‘Family & Loyalty‘. He called it his last feature and though many were sceptical, the fact that we haven’t heard anything since his classic run means it just might be true.

Tonight, Cole drops a new song out of nowhere called ‘Snow On Tha Bluff’. It doesn’t sound like anything from an album or to promote anything, just some thoughts inspired by recent events. On it, it seems as though he responds to some tweets from NoName that caused some controversy recently. She hasn’t put out much music lately but rather investing her time into her Book Club. It seems like Cole is bothered by her tone.

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