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Lianne La Havas just released a new song titled Paper Thin

Somehow, we’ve never featured British singer and songwriter Lianna La Havas on the site before– I know, I know, SMH– but that’s all changing today. Lianne has announced a new self-titled album due out on July 17th, which marks the UK songstress’s third album, and with that, we have a brand new single.

The single, “Paper Thin,” straddles the lines between soothing and sultry, defined by the strumming of a guitar. Lianne spoke on the new song, revealing the song sort of came to her in sleep, amazingly enough– “‘Paper Thin,’ for me, is the song that started this whole thing going. It started as a distant melody in my head as I was falling asleep that I decided not to sleep on. It was recorded as jam between friends and has stayed that way.”

Her self-titled album will contain nine original records, and a tenth song that is a cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes.” Lianne also shared a few words on the upcoming album, revealing it’s self-produced:

“This is my first completely self-produced album with my own band. I got my own way with everything–all the decisions that you hear on this album were mine,” she says. “I’m a woman now, so I’m less shy and timid about saying certain things. And there’s no right or wrong when it’s your record, so I was very much embracing that fact, as well.”

She continues. “I’ve tapped into the best and worst parts of me and while I didn’t expect this to be the direction of my new music, it’s my reality and it’s driven by emotion. I dare say that this is the closest I’ve gotten to a pure expression so far. If you’d never heard me before, I’d be happy to say, ‘This is me. This is who I am.'”

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