Lil B – I Am George Floyd



Lil B – I Am George Floyd mp3 free audio download lyrics

Lil B just released a new song titled I Am George Floyd

Lil B has a voice that will always be heard. He releases new music at a high clip but, this week, he re-focused his efforts and spent much of his time online with his fans, sending light and positivity during this insanely difficult time. He usually tends to make a statement in his art and in his latest release, he comes through by requesting reparations and naming a list of victims that have been murdered by police.

“I Am George Floyd” is the new track by cult hero Lil B, running for just over 7-minutes as the rapper calls out the names of his brothers and sisters that have been killed by police in recent years. He goes on to send a powerful message with each line, making sure to contribute to the cause.

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