Nick Cannon Drops Another Eminem Diss Song ‘Canceled’



Nick Cannon has dropped one more diss focused on Eminem called ‘Canceled: Invitation’ which is a reference to his solicitation to the Shady rapper to go to his show Wild N Out.

On the melody, Nick and his companions test some stable clasps and meetings from Em with an endeavor to stigmatize him. One of the melodies tested his ‘Absurd Pride’ which was made by Em around 1993 when he was around 15 years of age. He utilized some racial slurs on the tune which was “uncovered” by The Source magazine in 2003.

He had later openly shielded it by saying: “The tape they played today was something I made severely, idiocy and disappointment when I was a youngster. I’d quite recently parted ways with my better half, who was African-American, and I responded like the furious, dumb child I was. I trust individuals will take it for the absurdity that it was, not for what someone is attempting to make it into today.”