Rexx Life Raj – Bittersweet



Rexx Life Raj – Bittersweet mp3 free audio download lyrics.

Rexx Life Raj just released a new song titled Bittersweet

Rexx Life Raj is one of the dopest artists out of California right now and he has been steadily increasing his fanbase with dope tracks that carry some introspective bars as well as some catchy melodies. On “Bittersweet,” Rexx Life Raj provides his fans with both of those things as he takes us on a blissful journey.

Throughout the track, Raj gets very introspective as he talks about how drugs take him to a bittersweet place where he can forget about his past traumas, even if they may be lurking in the back of his subconscious. This one of those songs you can just kick back and vibe to so if you’re in a calm area, sit back and relax to “Bittersweet.”

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