Skechers – Remix feat. Tyga



Skechers – Remix feat. Tyga mp3 free audio download lyrics

Skechers just released a new song titled Remix feat. Tyga

Say what you will about Tyga’s music but you can’t know the hustle. His return to the limelight with “Taste” brought him back in the limelight and he’s been a go-to feature ever since. Since the pandemic began, Tyga’s kept the hits coming, though they’ve been in the form of remixes. Frankly, Tyga’s been making some serious bank off of feature records alone in the past few months.

With meme rap still taking the world by storm, Tyga hasn’t shied away from embracing the new subgenre. He joined Curtis Roach on the viral, “Bored In The House” track and recently, he’s joined forces with DripReport for his foray into Bollywood with “Skechers (Remix).” DripReport’s “Skechers” brings elements of trap and Bollywood together but Tyga delivers his own drip to the mixture for the remix. The song was already making waves but it seems likely that Tyga’s latest collab might bring more sounds of Bollywood into the world of trap.

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